Successful mission of HE3DA company at the International Fair Intersolar Europe in Munich

HE3DA company took a part in a major global trade fair - Intersolar Europe, which focuses on energy issues in the solar industry. The trade fair took place from June 20th to 22nd in Munich, Germany. The whole event was attended by 1 777 exhibitors from 49 countries around the world who presented their innovative projects, products and various technological solutions at this spectacular exhibition. The exhibition was held in eight fairgrounds with a total area of ​​86,000 m2. It can be said that the whole event was a great success, as the attendance was really high. During the three exhibition days over 47,000 visitors from all over the world visited the fair.

The HE3DA exhibition was located in the central hall, where the major companies such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Sonnen, Samsung, Siemens and others were present as well. HE3DA introduced a hydrogen generator and new Powerboxes. The performance of the presented boxes enabled for the entire HE3DA exposure enough energy. The company also introduced a so-called "Charger station" that allows a quicker (800A per battery cell) charging of the HE3DA batteries. The company has had a real success, and the number of visits of HE3DA booth has been enormous, as its technology is perceived as truly revolutionary. This fact is illustrated by the fact that the inventor of HE3DA - Ing. Jan Procházka was invited to lecture on HE3DA batteries at a major professional conference held at the fair.


On behalf of HE3DA, we would like to thank all those who have worked with us on the presentation at the fair, especially for companies such as LEANCAT, BATTERY UNITE, MAGNA ENERGY STORAGE and their representatives.

Introduced prototypes:

Hydrogen generator - Power unit

This unit produces an electric current from hydrogen with the aid of a fuel cell. The unit also includes: compressor, pumps, automation and other components. The power unit is connected to the HE3DA battery pack, which contains of only six cells connected in series. The whole system is 24V. As a load, we used a standard 1000W power unit in this system. The fuel cell produces electricity and also heat, so we used a cogeneration unit to demonstrate the heat transfer from cooling water to a standard boiler. In total, the cogeneration unit has a power of 4kWh.

Powerbox HE3DA

The pair of exposed Powerbox prototypes had a capacity of 5kWh and 8kWh. These Powerboxes were a backup source of the entire presentation throughout the fair. We were the only one in the fair that presented it. The biggest attraction for visitors was a demonstration of the system - to brew coffee from a coffee machine, which was connected to the Powerbox (the coffee maker has a capacity of about 1000W). The electricity flow from the batteries was monitored on the display on the Powerbox.

Fast charger

At the fair, we introduced for the first time the fast battery charging of the HE3DA battery cell.

For visitors who focus on scrolling battery technology, this exhibit is clearly the most revolutionary throughout the fair. Charging one battery cell with a capacity of 0.5kWh exceeded 790A, without heating the cell. This system shows just how the electromobiles can be recharged in the future. Recharging points will include battery storage that will be recharged continuously from power, renewable sources, and hydrogen generators. These back-up sources will allow the mentioned quick-charging of several electric vehicles at once, which currently is impossible for existing network. For every electric car owner, the existing charging system is literally a nightmare, but now there is a solution.