Ministerstvo Energetiky

HE3DA USA President Jan Prochazka and U.S. Executive Director Lenka Somolova, presented innovative lithium battery nanotechnology to the U.S. market. By combining nanoparticles with a revolutionary internal architecture, HE3DA offers multiple advantages over current battery technology, such as superior safety, low manufacturing cost and full recyclability. While the parent company HE3DA CZ constructs its first Gigafactory in the Czech Republic, the U.S. subsidiary simultaneously develops plans to build a second plant on U.S. soil. Along with introducing its technology, HE3DA focused on discussing potential investment and incentive support.

U.S. Department of Energy

Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí USA

HE3DA would like to acknowledge the support of economic diplomacy and give special thanks to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C., the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, specifically Ambassador Hynek Kmonicek, Mr. Zdenek Beranek, and Mr. Ludek Moravec. Additionally, HE3DA would like to express special thanks to Mr. Petr Michalek, who coordinated over 30 meetings in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Arkansas, and Tennessee. This economically focused diplomacy support program included all relevant government departments, and strategic firms in the U.S.

US Department of State

Ministerstvo obrany USA

In Washington D.C., representatives of HE3DA USA presented potential applications of their technology to five Federal Departments (The Department of Defense, Department of Energy, The Department of Commerce, The Department of Transportation and The Department of State) and to several congressional committees. HE3DA met with staff from the office of Senator Dean Heller and directly with Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, discussing eventual support for factory development within the state of Nevada.

US Department of Defense

Senátorka pro Nevadu Catherine Cortez Masto

U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada

Apart from federal departments, HE3DA USA conducted meetings with representatives from the District Department of Transportation, discussing the advantages of using high-capacity batteries in urban public transportation. Additionally meetings included associates from the Energy Storage Association, the Solar Energy Industries Association, and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

Schůzka s IBM

HE3DA USA’s next step was connecting with representatives of multiple U.S. corporations (including GE and IBM), to discuss the implementation of utility scale energy storage modules for data centers back up solutions in the event of massive power failure.


General Electrics

General Electrics

Delegace Evropské unie

At the Delegation of the European Union to the U.S., a conversation was aimed at EU and U.S. legislation development in energy sectors, including discussions regarding upcoming activities of the European Battery Alliance of which HE3DA is an official member.

Delegation of the European Union

The two-week program continued in the state of Virginia with one of America's largest power suppliers, Dominion Energy. Company representatives discussed the use of HE3DA batteries for frequency regulation. Subsequently, incentives and investment support were discussed with representatives of local Economic Development Offices and its adjacent counties.

Obchodní komora Richmond

At Walmart headquarters in the state of Arkansas, HE3DA USA proposed a solution to support Walmart's ambitious plan to increase renewable energy usage in its branch network by implementing HE3DA’s energy blocks to store both wind and solar energy.

The staff of Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Global Technology Deployment Initiative presented a potential incentives to support the HE3DA USA project.

Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Administrativa arkansaského guvernéra

The Government Administrations of Arkansas

FedEx meeting

In the state of Tennessee, the Embassy of the Czech Republic organized a meeting at the global FedEx headquarters. HE3DA presented the safety benefits of non- flammable energy storage technology for daily airport operations (FedEx operates at 700 airports around the world) and for data center back up systems.


HE3DA USA was further welcomed by representatives of the Tennessee Valley Authority, representatives of the governing administration, and the CEO of the Memphis Area Transit Authority. During the Memphis in May International Festival, talks were held with members of the Memphis Business Community.

The meetings in the U.S. culminated with HE3DA USA’s exhibition during the 2018 Nanotechnology Conference in Anaheim. The 120 V / 7 KWh home battery storage modul was presented with the support of CzechInvest and the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles.

HE3DA USA was later joined by majority owner, Mr. Radomir Prus, attending meetings with the MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas.

HE3DA USA finalized its meetings in Reno, Nevada and discussed the plan to establish a new research and development center for lithium battery technology together with the University of Nevada.

Majority owner Mr. Radomir Prus and Executive Director of HE3DA USA Lenka Somolova

Representatives of HE3DA and HE3DA USA would like to thank the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C., Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles for the coordination of all strategic meetings. HE3DA values their ongoing support in raising awareness for Czech companies abroad.