Přednáška pana Dr. Jana Procházky na téma: HE3DA Lithium Battery Technology Plattform - Energy Bloc

Jan Prochazka graduated with MS degree from the Institute of Chemical Technology and obtained his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). In over two decades of his professional career he received more than one hundred patents and co-authored many publications. Most of these patented technologies are used by the industry today.Previously, Jan Prochazka worked as a senior research scientist Altair Nanomaterials, Inc, where he played an important role in development and commercialization of nanomaterials. Jan Prochazka has created HE3DA lithium battery company, where he works as a president since 2009. Jan Prochazka’s 3D design is based on fast charge/discharge of nanomaterials, which allows new construction, cheaper manufacturing, and inherited safety and brings many new features especially suitable for energy storage. HE3DA builds 1.2GWh production capacity in North Moravia, which will deliver first 3D batteries on the market in 2019

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