Energy sector


Balancing and stabilization of high capacity battery systems

HE3DA has developed an accumulator suitable for mass application
in the energy sector. Its parameters enable utilization for:

  • Peak balancing

  • Frequency regulation

  • Island networks

  • Stabilization of renewables

  • Power back up

  • Volt/VAR control

The modules can be easily fitted into large energy storage systems.
The installation of the HE3DA battery system is very simple due to the small number of cells and the  innovative BMS concept.  The systems are virtually maintenance free.

Car industry


HE3DA technology can currently be utilized for the automotive industry in the applications . listed below. All these applications will be developed to the production stage at the latest by mid-2016.


12V car battery

HE3DA technology enables construction of safe single block lithium car batteries. The batteries meet all necessary requirements, including operating temperature.


50V car battery

50V car batteries will allow many innovations in the car industry. When car makers are ready, HE3DA will be able to supply the batteries..


Accumulators for electric vehicles

HE3DA is a step in the direction toward a safe and affordable high-power accumulator with a fast charging time. Currently achieved parameters of HE3DA battery for electric vehicles are:

  • Energy density of battery system 520 Wh/liter

Other applications


Special batteries

Efforts to achieve parameters which are now only seen as the frontier of development are the engine of future development. Therefore, we want to focus on our R&D as well as production of special batteries that will push our abilities even further.          

  • Aviation and astronautics

  • Micro-batteries